A Career at MediPedi Foot & Hand Clinics

Who Are We?

MediPedi Foot & Hand Clinics were started by Podiatrists Georgina Jamieson and Tom Baker. Our goal is to make people feel good from the ground up, by combining the expert knowledge and skills of podiatry with the finishing touches of beauty therapy, giving their clients an indulgent experience not previously possible.

We have expanded to 3 clinics over the past 5 years, with each clinic brought to life by our teams working together to create amazing experiences for our clients. Yes, we are Podiatrists, Managers and Beauty Therapists – but we are also Make Up Artists, Photographers, Cyclists, Entrepreneurs, Copywriters and Cosmetic Chemists.

However, first and foremost we are a team. We come together each day to treat and transform. We do it with energy and enthusiasm and in the process we care – about our clients and each other.

Join Us As:

6 Reasons to join our Podiatry Team

  1. Work with a team of podiatrists of all experience levels. All of our clinics have 2 podiatry rooms, with 2 podiatrists nearly always working at once.
  2. We practice preventative podiatry, often identifying and dealing with issues before they become chronic or problematic.
  3. We see a variety of private clients who wouldn’t normally access podiatry – often young, active and proactive about their health
  4. The full spectrum of podiatry treatments is at hand, thus allowing for the best health outcomes – Swift, Lunula, FAS, ESWT
  5. We offer a self directed workplace – you make the role what you want it to be with the ability to direct/create your role within the team
  6. Professional Support – Annual CPD Program & Leadership



10 Reasons to join our Beauty Team

  1. Supportive and fun team
  2. Culture of Support, Education and Training ( Growth Mindset)
  3. Set Rosters & Weekly Pay Cycles
  4. Clean and sterile environment with architectural design (medical grade)
  5. Clinic pace – not spa pace
  6. The consistency and quality of treatments is high leading to long term client relationships
  7. Achievable retail sales goals are set
  8. Health of hands and feet prioritised (the best treatment for the health of the feet/hands/nails is advised)
  9. High quality healthy products & up to date technology and tools
  10. We look after our team and they stay with us long term, with permanency potential.


6 Reasons to join our Front of House Team

  1. We are a perfect mix of professional warmth. The clinics are fast paced and dynamic on the inside, but from the perspective of the client they are clean, expert, warm, seamless.
  2. We do front of house management with a twist. We are fast moving, multitasking, problem solving, highly organised and dynamic.
  3. The FOH team leads the culture, pace and energy of the clinic. We are brand ambassadors. We represent MediPedi on the phone, in clinics, online, everywhere. Every staff member represents the brand but as FOH we are frontline.
  4. The clinics run mechanically, our systems allow for a flawless client experience, but our service, our attention to detail and our genuine care for our clients is not. We know our clients, their stories, their ‘go-to’ colours. And they know us.
  5. Our clinic teams are a lot like family. We are close knit, we promote and embody a culture of care. We work under pressure and we are there to catch one another when someone falls.
  6. You are someone who creates meaning in helping others – you support staff – your role is to ensure the smooth running of the MediPedi diary. You support the Podiatry team to do their job well, the beauty therapy team to do their job well and the clients to enjoy a seamless clinical/professional experience


What do we do?

As our motto implies ‘we believe in making people feel good from the ground up”… We are a first of its kind concept bringing together podiatry and beauty therapy.

All things Podiatry – we do them all! We utilise the most up to date technology and evidence based, outcome oriented treatments. We are leaders in providing solutions to common health complaints – fungal nail infections, warts, ingrown toenails and heel pain.

All things Beauty for the Hands and Feet – The best manicure & pedicure available. We don’t just care about making hands and feet beautiful, we care about making sure they are healthy first. We educate, indulge and transform all at once. Allowing our busy clients with a one stop shop for happy, healthy, hands and feet.

Join us because

We’re Unique
  • We are a concept clinic – the first of its kind in Australia. Our team is young, dynamic, responsive and creative. We work in a hybrid space with the opportunity to evolve to an ever changing external environment.
We Care
  • We care about each other, about our business and especially about our clients. Our reason for coming to work each day revolves around creating positive outcomes for those we seek to help. That can mean caring about creating a perfect finish on a Medical Pedicure. It can mean caring about resolving chronic, debilitating pain that has prevented a client from being about to work/walk/run for years. And lastly, we care about the working environment and experience for our staff.
We Educate
  • Education is central to what we do at MediPedi. When we educate we empower. We educate our clients about the benefits of self care and using restorative and nourishing products at home. We educate our clients about how they can manage and overcome health problems with our help. We educate our team so that they may pass that knowledge on.
We are a Team
  • As the saying goes ‘there is no I in team”… At MediPedi we are a well oiled machine and when we work as a team our machine runs seamlessly. We are a team of professionals and individuals but we are also a family. We seek to recognise the strength of what can be achieved when we are working together and supporting one another. Our culture is one of inclusion and support. Everyone is expected to empty the bins, mop the floor and look after each other.
We are Leaders
  • We are leaders in all that we do at MediPedi. We lead in this unique space that we have created. We are leaders in the technology that we use and the approach that we take to creating healthy feet and hands for our clients. We are leaders in building a workplace culture that is safe, inclusive and supportive for women and men. We believe that every member of our team is a leader and we empower them to own that role.

Why do we do it?

We are a team of genuinely passionate professionals who love what we do. We care about the health and wellbeing of our clients. We want every client to be walking on air after their MediPedi experience, a little bit pampered and a whole lot happy. Our Podiatrists are with us to ensure every client has happy and healthy feet. Our beauty team goes above and beyond to indulge our clients and to wow them with immaculately finished fingers and toes. We understand that the little things matter and our FOH/Management team work tirelessly to ensure that both our team and our clients enjoy their time with us.

We are a work family who believe in the vision that Georgie and Tom created – we’re invested in it, it’s more than work – it’s passion!