You Don’t Need To Be In Pain To See A Podiatrist

The MediPedi General Treatment is the perfect solution for getting your feet happy again. Designed for both men and women,  our expert Podiatrist will assess, diagnose and then treat your feet.

We Treat Men & Womens Feet

Our 30 minute General Treatment (not 15 or 20 minutes)  is all about giving you the best possible podiatry service, something that is getting hard to find. Your podiatrist will have time to address all areas of concern such as Corns, Calluses and Ingrown Toenails. Thick, hard and sore nails can be thinned with our state of the art water drill and Heel Cracks and Callus painlessly removed and sanded smooth again.

Your Treatment  Includes:

  • Private Podiatry Room
  • Relaxing Foot Soak
  • Podiatry Assessment
  • Podiatry Treatment
  • MediPedi Foot Lotion Massage


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General treatments?

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