Embarrassed by your Fungal Nails?

Sick of Topical Treatment Not working?

Don’t want to Risk serious side effects and liver damage with oral Medication ?

Introducing The Lunula Cold Laser.

The Latest In Fungal Nail Treatment

MediPedi Nail Spa is proud to introduce Adelaide’s first Lunula Low-Level Laser. The Lunula Laser Therapy combines two lasers that rotate over the nail. The combination of lasers weakens the cellular structure of the fungal spores and enhances the body’s immune system to neutralise and destroy the fungus.

Nail Infections Need Treatment

Fungal infections in your nails are a source of embarrassment and will not go away without treatment. It can mean feeling self-conscious when you wear thongs or sandals and going to the beach or pool is filled with trepidation.
Some people even resort to wearing nail polish 24/7 to hid their toes.

Don’t Waste Time And Money On Topical Treatments That Do Not Work!

Up until recently, the reality of a fungal nail infection was not great. Topical treatments just don’t work ( around 5% success rate) and oral medications have serious side effects.
Early Fungal Nail Laser systems have been a big step forward but the heat generated by the laser was uncomfortable.

Effective, Painless And Quick Results

Each Treatment lasts 12 minutes, is completely pain-free and all nails are treated at the same time. The treatment is usually applied over 6 weekly intervals, however the number of treatments can be dependent on the severity of the infection.  You will start to see results in 6 weeks as the nail grows out.

3 Steps To Healthy Nails

1. Gap Free Assessment & Treatment Plan

At your assessment your Podiatrist will assess your nails and identify the problem areas. Sometimes nail discolouration is due to other causes. They will decide on an appropriate treatment course and any other recommendations

2. Lunula Laser Sessions

The treatment course will likely run for a minimum of 4 sessions increasing depending on the severity of the infection. Both feet are treated painlessly for 12 minutes each.

3. Healthy Nails & Appropriate After Care

Your podiatrist will provide you with information and secondary treatments to make sure your nails stay healthy and prevent re-infection.

Laser Special. 6 Course Laser Package $399 (Normally $700). Includes all affected nails.

Available at Unley, Norwood and Glenelg Clinics. Limited time only!

Worried about Fungal Nails?

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