Do you have sore heels?
Do your legs or feet hurt when you exercise?
Sick of tired aching feet at the end of the day?

We Specialise In Womens Feet

At MediPedi Podiatry, we have a particular interest in helping women’s feet. Our experienced Podiatrists have treated thousands of feet just like yours, getting them pain-free and happy again.

3 Steps To Pain Free Feet



We will take a thorough history and analyse the foot and leg and assess each client non-weight-bearing, standing and walking. This enables us to accurately diagnose your injury and work out why it occurred in the first place.


Our Podiatrist will then diagnose your problem or potentially do further investigation to accurately diagnose your problem. We will thoroughly explain our diagnosis and what has likely caused it.


Once we have diagnosed your problem, a treatment plan will be discussed with you that will start you on the path towards pain-free feet. Often we can make a big improvement in our first session. If you require orthotics, we have a specific range designed to meet the needs of women’s feet and footwear.

Personalised Orthotics

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Worried about Foot Pain?

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