We’re thrilled to introduce ‘The MediPedi Fat Loss Experience‘ – a safe and effective method for targeted fat reduction across the entire body utilising the non-invasive technology of the Emerald Laser. Say goodbye to stubborn fat deposits with tailored treatment plans designed to maximise results and enhance your overall well-being.

We’ve designed our latest offering to support your health journey and give you the MediPedi experience.

The MediPedi Fat Loss Experience

Body Sculpting Laser with Emerald Laser™

MediPedi have secured Australia’s first FDA & TGA cleared Fat Loss Laser, the Emerald Laser. We have worked hard over the last 12 months to be the first clinic in Australia to gain access to this amazing technology that is revolutionising the industry in America and Europe.

Emerald sessions last for about 30 minutes

Lymphatic Stimulation with Ballancer®Pro

The Ballancer®Pro is the safest and most state-of-the-art compression therapy system in the world. Backed by decades of medical studies, we use it after your Emerald Treatments to Stimulate the Lymphatic System to help get you the very best results.

Ballancer sessions last for about 20 minutes

Full Body Scan with Styku Scan (before and after)

This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the way you track progress and achieve your wellness goals. With our advanced 3D imaging system, we provide you with accurate body measurements and detailed body composition analysis like never before.

3D model and photographs to track your progress

Experienced nurses to provide your tailored treatment plan start your journey with a free initial consultation

Available at Goodwood and Norwood
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Treatment Pay as you go price 10 bundle 18 bundle
Emerald + Ballancer $640 (per session) $330 (per session) $284 (per session)
Styku 3D Body Scan $150 per scan 2 scans included 2 scans included

Why we love it

Safe & Healthy

Medically certified
FDA & TGA Approved

No Side Effects

No pain or discomfort
No downtime!

Quick & Convenient

Short sessions

Proven Results

Average of 15cm lost
after 10-12 sessions

As seen in; the Emerald Laser has featured in:

Treatable areas

Target fat exactly where you want to.

Clients often target the waist, thighs, and hips, but the Emerald Lasers versatility extends to other problem areas like the arms, neck, ankles, chest, and back, thanks to its clearance for overall body treatment.

Results that speak for themselves

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Emerald Laser?

Emerald Laser is a totally non-invasive, hands-free treatment. It has:

• No heating or freezing of the skin
• No pinching or bruising
• No incisions required
• No downtime
• No common side effects (discussed with your clinician)

Emerald is a low-level, non-thermal laser which emits 10 green lasers (low-level 532nm laser) at the skin, to break down hypertrophic adipocytes (fat cells) without killing them. The energy transfer from the laser triggers fat cells to release their fatty content, making the fat cells lean and healthy again. This fat release keeps the hormonal system balanced, as it triggers a message to the brain to metabolise the excess fat through the natural course of detoxification through the lymphatic system.

In summary – Emerald Laser triggers your body’s natural fat reduction mechanisms (metabolism), helping you lose fat and reduce your body circumference.

What happens during a treatment at MediPedi?

We start your Emerald Journey with an initial consultation to assess suitability, where a Health Professional will provide complete information about the process and learn about your medical history and weight loss goals.

We then complete a Styku scan, which will create “3D You”, a virtual model of your body that can be used to track progress through the Emerald Journey.

During an Emerald Laser session, you lie on your back for 15 minutes and relax while the lasers work, then turn over on your front and let the lasers work for another 15 mins. After 30 mins total the session is complete and you can continue with your normal daily activities.

What results can I expect?

You can expect an average circumference loss of up to 6 inches with Emerald Laser. However, this will depend on your individual body fat ratio. If you maintain a healthy eating plan and regular exercise regime, this can increase the chances of optimum fat loss and long-term success.

Emerald Laser results develop between 4-12 weeks as fat cells shrink down into lean, healthy tissue.

How long does it take to work?

This all depends on the amount of subcutaneous fat that you have and how many areas need to be treated. On average expect to have between 10 – 12 sessions for optimum results. Your treatment plan will be discussed at your pre-procedure consultation, here at MediPedi.

Is it safe and are there any side effects?

There have been no reported side effects or adverse reactions, and the system is truly inspired by the simplicity of nature, so it works with our bodies natural processes, compared to other laser technologies.

Is there any pain or recovery time?

No, none of the Emerald technology has any down time or associated pain, and there are no recorded side effects or adverse reactions with this low-level laser technology. Unlike other methods of fat reduction like fat freezing, or liposuction, which damage the cells and cause pain and bruising, the lasers used in Emerald are empowering our cells to activate and metabolise the fat naturally.

Can I do anything to speed up the process?

Your practitioner will discuss the benefits of lymphatic drainage, hydration, and movement to get the very best results.

How does Emerald Laser work?

Emerald Laser is a non-invasive and non-thermal laser that works in tune with your body to reduce overall circumference and target cellulite.

The laser works with the body’s natural fat elimination process. By using non-thermal low-level lasers to create a temporary pore in the fat cells, it allows the fatty liquids to seep out of the cell and be naturally flushed out through your lymphatic system.

What are the clinical trials?

The Emerald and Verju Green diode lasers by Erchonia underwent multiple placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomised, multi-centre clinical studies to gauge their efficacy and achieved unrivaled results. Erchonia hold 18 of the 21 US FDA market clearances for Low-Level Laser and have over $5 million invested in any one time into research.

What is the Ballancer Pro?

The Ballancer®Pro is the safest and most state-of-the-art compression therapy system in the world. FDA-cleared and backed by decades of medical studies, this technology is based on the proven principles of manual lymphatic massage.

“Light years” ahead of other systems and has therefore been coined “The Rolls-Royce of Lymphatic Massage”.

We use it after your Emerald Treatments to Stimulate the Lymphatic System to help get you the very best results.

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